The Art of Business Communication and Story Telling (in English & தமிழ்)

In today’s online world, our professional image depends on our ability to communicate. Whether we’re communicating by email, text, social media, written reports, or presentations, how we use our words often determines how others view us. Distinct Minds offers tips and techniques that can improve anyone’s professional image. It covers how to analyze your multiple audience and strategies for communicating your message effectively for each; structuring your message for greatest readability and effect; persuasion and tone; and how to face your own fears of Business writing and Business story telling.


  • How to deliver 2 minute Elevator pitches
  • How to articulate your Business value proposition
  • Deliver persuasive communications that achieve the outcomes you want
  • Ways to strengthen your story bank by using real-life stories
  • Understanding the relationship between storytelling and financial growth
  • Implement techniques and strategies to create high-impact communication
  • Plan your communications and meetings for maximum results


  • Business Storytelling connecting Best Practices & Facts
  • Visual aids 
  • Different learning styles 
  • Persuasive oral communication 

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